Dale Slip

The Slipway, Dale

Members of the public as well as Club members are allowed to use the slipway, but no right of access is inferred by this.

The slipway may be closed to vehicles, or to all users at certain times. During 2017 there may be restricted access to the slipway on the following dates:

August 12th Dale & County Regatta

August 26, 27, 28 Cruiser, dinghy and longboat weekend.

September 24 9 am – 2 pm Pembrokeshire Half Marathon


At times of very high tides the Community Council may close the floodgates at the top of the slipway to prevent danger of flooding to properties in Dale. The Yacht Club fully supports this action. The floodgates may be closed for several tides and during these periods there is no access to the slipway. For queries contact the Club Secretary.

The Club webcam is an easy way to see if the gates are open. See the link on this website.