IMG_1628The club runs dinghy racing on Thursday evenings and on Sundays throughout the season, with a monthly cup and Summer Series Cups.

The club holds a one day dinghy regatta in August and also organises daily racing over the August Bank Holiday.

An entry fee is payable for each race, or series of races. Races are open to non-members. Entries should be made at the starting hut on the seafront prior to racing.

Racing Instructions

1. Dinghy races are open to all classes and will be governed by current Racing Rules of Sailing and RYA Prescriptions. Dale Yacht Club operates under RYA Racing Charter. The current Portsmouth Yardstick handicap system will be used to correct finishing times. Average lap times will be used to calculate the results.

2. Notices to competitors will be posted on the notice board in the clubhouse and on the starting hut.

3. Signals made ashore will be displayed from the starting hut, and maybe flags or boards.

4. Class flags will be general handicap flag D. If the fleet is split into divisions or classes the flag denoting the division/class will be stated at the starting hut.

5. The racing area will be in Dale Bay

6. All boats must be kept clear of commercial shipping

7. Competitors must sign on at the starting hut before each race (or sequence of races)

8. The marks of the courses will include the racing buoys and may also include navigation and warning buoys.

9. The course and number of laps will be displayed on the course notice board before the start of each race.

10. Competitors must notify the Officer of the Day if the retire.

11. The starting and finishing lines will be specified on the course notice board. The outer distance mark (ODM buoy) defines the length of the starting line. Whenever a committee boat is used to mark one end of the starting or finishing line, the committee boat mast displaying an orange flag defines this position.

12. The start sequence will be as in rule 26 (5′, 4′, 1′, start)

13. Shortened course (2 sound signals and flag S) will indicate that all boats shall complete the lap they are currently sailing.

14. Time limit – a boat not finishing within 140% of the time of the first boat to finish may be considered to have retired. Corrected times will be used to determine the time limit.

15. Protests: (Forms in the starting hut) to be lodged with the Officer of the Day within 30′ of the last boat finishing. Dale Yacht Club encourages the use of the Exoneration Penalty, Advisory Hearings and RYA Arbitration prior to, or instead of, full protest hearings.

16. The Low Point Scoring system will be used. Two boats are required to constitute a race. Two races are required to constitute a series.

17. Discards will vary depending on the number of races each month. (8 races and over – 3 discards, 6 or 7 races – 2 discards, 3 to 5 races 1 discard)

18. Trophies – unless declared otherwise are the property of Dale Yacht Club and are awarded on an annual basis.

19. Rule Changes – for an individual race changes will be displayed on the coarse notice board; for a series of races changes will also be displayed on the Yacht Club notice board.

20. Competitors participate in races entirely at their own risk (RRS rule 4). Dale Yacht Club, race officers and safety boat crew will not accept any liability for damage, personal injury or death sustained before, during and after racing. The individual competitors must ensure that they and their craft are fit for the conditions.

21. Each participating boat shall be insured with valid third party liability insurance having a minimum cover of £3 million per incident or the equivalent.

22. It is hoped that sailors will participate in the development of these rules by bringing their views to the attention of Club Officers.